What is Mamboland?

A festival for dancers to come together, to learn and get inspired at a higher level, to celebrate and immerse themselves in Mambo dance and music.

These days congresses and festivals are offering more and more bells and whistles, featuring more and more types of dances, and trying to please everyone.

But at what price?

All the bells and whistles distract from what we all came together for in the first place – to dance. We believe that in order to perfect an event, focus is essential. Focus on one dance. And that focus leads to passion, growth, surprise, and a higher level of inspiration.

Do you remember the feeling and inspiration when you first started dancing? You were probably super excited and passionate at the beginning, but then after a while you lost that magical feeling, maybe you hit a plateau?

That’s when you need a higher level of inspiration. You need to reconnect with why you started in the first place. You need people around you that challenge you to grow. You need experiences that elevate you past your plateau.

Unfortunately, many dancers reach a point where they feel the same, get bored, maybe quit, or jump into another style of dance. Many of the events out there don’t help the situation either. They cut corners where they can, they don’t control the quality of the music, they let anyone who buys “performer passes” get on stage, and they include way too many types of dances in order to attract the most number of people.

Is there a better way?

Is there a festival where you can get inspired at a higher level? A festival that takes you back to the roots where soul and jazz and cuban and puerto rican and african rhythms meet to create New York Style Salsa, aka Mambo? A festival for dancers, not the organizers. A festival where people come together to celebrate Mambo music and Mambo dance.

















Legends of Mambo
Tito Puente Jr + Lead Singer of Tito Puente's Band

Tito Puente Jr

New York

    Frankie Figueroa

    Puerto Rico

      El Chino Y La Diferencia


        World Class Artists

        Adolfo Indacochea


          Tomas Guerrero

          New York

            Juan Matos


              Fernando Sosa


                Tania Cannarsa


                  Amneris Martinez

                  Puerto Rico

                    Karel Flores

                    New York

                      Marco Ferrigno


                        Charlie Garcia

                        New York

                          Ataca Y La Alemana

                          New York

                            Sergio Larrinaga


                              Benny & Brandon


                                Antonio & Jasmina


                                  Dimitris Y Su Secta


                                    Panagiotis and Myrto


                                      Fogarate de Juan Matos


                                        Ansima Production Ballet


                                          Mamboland DJs

                                          Jimmy Anton

                                          New York

                                            DJ Beto


                                              DJ Montuno


                                                DJ Mauri


                                                  DJ Fei


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                                                    Who is Mamboland for?

                                                    Mamboland Milano is an event for (1) social dancers who love On2 and are looking to get to the next level, (2) On1 dancers who want to not just get into On2 but truly unlock the mystery of dancing and loving mambo, and (3) those who have lost the passion and want to get it back.

                                                    It is not for absolute beginners, as everything is designed for social dancers. It is also not for those who would rather spend a weekend learning 5 different dances than truly mastering one.

                                                    No Workshops

                                                    We have done away with the traditional model of 1-hour workshops because they’re simply not effective. The key to true learning is immersion, cohesion, repetition. Immersion means going to Spain for a week instead of learning 1 hour of Spanish. Cohesion means having what you learn connect to everything else you are learning like pieces to a puzzle. And repetition means doing it enough times so it becomes natural and part of your muscle memory.

                                                    The Mambo Immersion Program is all about that. A single cohesive program spanning two days providing you total immersion through musicality, body motions, shines, partnerwork, and technique.

                                                    The first year’s program was designed by Adolfo Indacochea and featured all your favourite artists in three different tracks. Not in separate one hour chunks. They will come and go as the program requires. One moment you’re learning about the intricate details of the music, the next Tania and Amneris  are taking you through two totally different ways to express yourself in hitting those beats.

                                                    In the second year, we’re taking the concept to another level. We’re integrating the curriculum so it becomes even more cohesive, and we are pleased to announce the curriculum is currently being designed by Adolfo Indacochea and Tomas Guerrero (of Santo Rico fame) together.

                                                    You show up on Saturday and Sunday morning, and we take care of the rest. There will be four tracks depending on what level of dancer you’re are. The main and main+ tracks are for intermediate and seasoned social dancers already dancing On2. The transition track is for On1 dancers looking to make the transition into On2. The master track is for very experienced dancers looking for a new level of mastery. Note that the main+ and master track will require a placement exam to see if you qualify or not.

                                                    Designed For Dancers

                                                    Great dancing starts with great music. We have taken a lot of time to hand select DJs  onto who understand what good New York Style Salsa is, DJs who understand how to play to the room and keep you dancing all night. The music will be primarily classic Salsa and Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, with no more than a handful of Bachatas thrown in to cleanse the palette. The alternate room is an Oldschool Lounge focused on vinyl and oldschool mambo.

                                                    On top of that we have put together a team of experienced dancers who will be your on demand dancers at peak hours of dancing. They will be clearly marked over the course of the evening, and you don’t even have to tip them after your dance.

                                                    Last, but not least, we are excited to bring back the authentic, down and dirty, dance until you can’t anymore Jimmy Anton’s Social on Sunday night.

                                                    Live Music Revisited

                                                    Live music has gotten a bad reputation in the Salsa scene. Everything from the speed and length of the songs to the sound quality. The funny thing is that Mambo exploded in New York with the famous Big Three bands by Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Machito.

                                                    The Saturday Black & White Live Gala will take you back to that era where live music inspired and made you want to dance. To start, the entire production and all dance shows will be performed live. From there, Tito Puente Jr and Frankie Figueroa (lead singer of Tito Puente’s band) will take the partner with El Chino and his Orchestra “La Diferencia” to keep you dancing all night long.

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                                                    100% Sold Out

                                                    Over half a year left and we’re already sold out. To those you who got your ticket, get ready for three full days of inspiration, perspiration, random moments of fun, and of course dancing dancing dancing… To those who didn’t, get on the waitlist now.

                                                    Full Pass
                                                    € 190
                                                    Access to ALL Events
                                                    Mambo Immersion Program
                                                    Welcome To Mamboland
                                                    Saturday Black & White Live Gala
                                                    Jimmy Anton’s Social
                                                    Mamboland Concierge
                                                    Vacation Package
                                                    € 340
                                                    All Benefits of Full Pass
                                                    3 Nights Triple/Quadruple Room*
                                                    Full Board Meals

                                                    Vacation Packages - Important Note

                                                    The vacation packages offer an incredible deal. You get a shared room at Hotel Da Vinci and all meals during your stay covered. The package is currently based on 3 or 4 people staying in a large triple (1 king / 1 double) or a quadruple (2 kings) respectively. You can purchase your individual vacation package and during the purchase mention the name of your roommates who will be purchasing the same package and staying with you.

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                                                    The entire event will take place at Hotel Da Vinci in Milan. Everything from the mambo immersion program, the evening productions, and the parties – all in one place.

                                                    Questions? Just shoot us a line below and we'll get back to you shortly.